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Tenure: One season, guest appearances Tagline: "Ehty-five percent of the women around here have had breast implants."Remember Kimberly? She spent just one season on The Real Housewives of Orange County. She has a Twitter account, but hasn't posted since August 2013. Tenure: Two seasons, spin-off Tagline: "I deserve only the best... "The first housewife who wasn't actually a housewife, Jo De La Rosa left the show after Season 2, when she broke up with her fiancé Slade Smiley and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a singing career (yes, she was the ORINAL singing housewife! The former couple reunited in 2008 for a spin-off for Bravo, the aptly titled Date My Ex. as the national accounts director for Empire Dital.

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After the first season's 2006 run, Kimberly moved from the O. to the suburbs of Chicago, fleeing the California sun after a skin cancer scare. The show wasn't a hit, and Jo gave up singing for a more practical career in marketing and advertising. She's also been dating marketing executive Mark Lovette for more than two years.

How the Holy Spirit Led <strong>Lydia</strong> McLaugin to

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C., is now a grandmother, and is very active on Twitter. After leaving the show, Jeana joined Bravo's weht-loss series, Thintervention, and returned to her real estate career.

How the Holy Spirit Led Lydia McLaugin to

Tenure: Five seasons, guest appearances Tagline: "Money is a girl’s best friend, and I love friends."The former Playboy playmate survived five years, and a historic wine-throwing moment, as an O. These days, Jeana is still selling homes and taking care of her three kids.

Lydia online dating bravo:

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